The Wound that Never Heals

Many of you who read these pages weren't alive when I was In Vietnam. Some of you were quite young, and some of you will remember, all too well, the days and nights of unholy terror that struck at our hearts and souls, leaving scars and wounds that will never heal. Some of us returned, changed forever, as the reality of the reasons behind the war set in, and the knowledge that we should never have been there in the first place became real in our lives. Many of us saw women and children killed, or maimed, farms destroyed, a way of life overturned by forces that should have never been unleashed.

My nightmares stopped about 3 years ago. I spent many, many months in therapy, trying to combat the PTSD that haunted me for over 25 years, until I came to grips with my Karmic role in the war, and how it was that I could have let myself get into that situation in the first place.

The nightmares are gone now, but I still remember, and I still cry.

A long time ago, in a land far away, American young men and women fought in a war that they believed was for a righteous cause, never suspecting their government had lied to them, and that they were being used to fight a war they could never win, and was the cause of millions of deaths, woundings, and untold destruction of a way of life that had existed for countless hundreds of years.

Fifty-eight thousand, two hundred nine names are on The Wall. The names of those Americans who fought and died believing they were doing the right thing, and those who knew they were not, but were unable to stop because of the force of the military machine.

These pages are dedicated to those men and women, their spouses, family members, and loved ones they left behind, and to those who fought and survived, bent, twisted, never to be the same.

Let us never again be blinded by the greed and hatred of our government towards our fellow humans. Let us, instead, forge ahead with the ways of peace.

Viet Nam 1954-1975

Lest We Forget

The Wall

Women's Memorial

Men's Memorial

What did you do in the War, daddy?

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