Poems, Prose, and Short Stories Submitted by Friends

Richard Brown

The Misunderstanding of Man's Beliefs

There has never been anything in the short span of mans existence on
earth quite as all engulfing as, what he calls his beliefs. For his beliefs he has built great
civilizations and for his beliefs he has destroyed them, through the ages and many sages he
has wrought blissful happiness. He has also committed atrocities and unspeakable
crimes and with these thoughts in mind he has changed the path of time. Man's beliefs seem
to be contradictory, for he says to sow the good seed, he says love your neighbor
then because of his beliefs he destroys them. Because of this double edged sword he says
one thing, and because of this or that belief he does another, never really concerned
with the well being of his brother. Now he stands on the edge of eternity, he sees
clearly what he has done, and still continues to believe he is the only one. If he had truly
believed in his beliefs, he would have nourished this world as a plant by the sun. If he had
believed his beliefs the whole human race would have won.

Richard Brown ( Alias Diarmid Campbell )
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