For the People

This page is dedicated to the Native People of this continent; their wisdom, their ways, their connection with the Mother; and to my teachers:

Joe Carillo, Yokut
Arvol Looking Horse, Lakota Please see: Arvol Looking Horse
Colin Kingfisher, Cheyenne (deceased, 2002)
George Gillette, Blackfoot
Frank Merrill, Karuk
Albert Jeffers, Rogue
Charlene Ward, Shasta-Wintu
Dennis Banks, Unknown

who have taught me many things, among which, is that We Are All Related. These people helped me learn the ways of the Earth and prodded me to find my own Celtic Roots, which I have done. I practice no Native American ways, nor do I teach any Native American beliefs, but I am grateful for having had these people be an influence in my life.

Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds, and whose breath gives life to all the world - hear me - I come before you, one of your children. I am small and weak. I need your strength and wisdom. Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behod the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things you have made, my ears sharp to hear your voice. Make me wise, so that I may know the things you have taught my People, the lesson you have hidden in every leaf and rock. I seek strength not to be superior to my brothers, but to be able to fight my greatest enemy, myself. Make me ever ready to come to you, with clean hands and straight eyes, so when life fades as a fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame.

A prayer by Yellow Hawk, Lakota

There are many beautiful Native American prayers such as this one in the words of Yellow Hawk. Keeping powerful thoughts and prayers in a custom writing journal can give you strength and comfort in difficult times. You can also share them with family and friends to offer them support whenever necessary.

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