The Wiccan REDE of Chivalry

The Wiccan REDE is code of conduct. All members are task to behave in this manner.

1. To thine own self be true.
2. A witches word shall be as a signed oath.
3. Speak no ill of others.
4. Speak not of others, unverified words.
5. Be honest.
6. Be not quick to anger.
7. Always remember that every action has a consequence.
8. All other paths and traditions shall be given respect.
9. Always act with dignity, and remember that good humour is always admired.
10. Witches have power that grows with wisdom. Use majick as a last resort, then use it wisely.
11. Act with courage and honor.
12. Pledge friendship freely to those that warrant.
13. Never reveal the secrets of the craft or a coven.
14. Remeber those that follow these ways will be beyond reproach in the eyes of those outside the craft.
15. The laws of the land should be followed whenever possible.
16. Have pride in yourself, seek perfection in body and mind. Only by being true to oneself and self examination can we work the mysteries.
17. Let all those that seek the craft be beyond reproach. Let them be guided by the light and protection in the old ways and may they always "Harm none"
"do as they will and harm none" So mote it be

Rewritten with love for my friend Nal. by Frank "Hel_Tanner" Dillard
Used here by permission.