...for beneath the great stones, deep in the womb of the Great Mother, in her singing waters, sighing winds, and fiery eruptions; and high above the far places of the sky, in every star and planet, in the swirling mists of the great nebulas, in the tails of the comets, in the silent Heart of God, you will find the answer to that which you seek, and discover, that from the beginning of time, you knew it inside you already.

Wolf, 1998

Cead Mil Failte.
Blessings to your house and to all who enter in it.


This site is dedicated to Spirit and the attainment of Spiritual knowledge.

Welcome to Wolf's Den, your gateway to Metaphysics, Spirituality, and the ways of the Old Religion.

      Since the earliest times of Human existence, mankind has been driven by the need to be re-united with Creator. In this day and age, it is no different. We need to realize, though, that we are NOT separated from our Creator; in fact we are always with it.

      In my journeys to discover the ways of Spirit, I have travelled much. I started with wanting to become a Catholic priest at the age of twelve, studied Buddhism, Judeaism, Hinduism, Psychic healing, Crystal Therapy, Ancient Mythology, Ancient Magic, Theurgy (the art of conjuration of spirits), Massage Therapy, had several Native American teachers, and now, as I enter Elderhood, I find that I have found many avenues that have given me much satisfaction and knowledge in the realm of Spirit.


     Some call me "Wizard", some call me "Mage", or "Teacher", some think I am some kind of shaman or holy man, some just think I'm crazy. Truth is, I'm just a man on the road. Where does it go? Nowhere. Why am I on it? Because there is nowhere I'd rather be..

     All things are born and borne of and by Spirit. You and I are one. There is only One in the Universe. In knowing the self, one knows the One. In loving the self, one knows the One Love, equal for all, given freely and without judgment or blame. To know the love is to live a life free of judgment of others, and to love unconditionally. There is never anything to forgive.

     In these pages you will find many things.

     Everything I have put here is designed to make you think, feel, and know the One; even the Vietnam Memorial, which, even though part of our dark side, belongs to the One, and therefor belongs to you.

Be at home, here. The site continues to grow. It's now at 180 megabytes and I've just begun, again.

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Files of the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine

Images from the grave of Osiris

Table of Earth's Seasons through 2020

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